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Client outcomes

  • Revamped the monthly $600M Functional Expense Management Report for the Senior Leadership team. Reduced the reporting time and increased the analysis time by 2 days.

  • Key team member assisting AP in reviewing and cleaning up open PO’s and Duplicate Invoices within SAP. Resolved over $7M in GRIR open balances.

  • The Data Management owner for an Enterprise – Wide Accounts Payable controls project – over 120K data points across 5,600 tabs in approximately 350 files. 

  • Assisted Project Leader at client running 12 focus group sessions identifying opportunities to improve key processes, systems, and enhanced internal partnerships across the organization.

  • Managed the consolidation of the quarterly core earnings analysis process and reporting for over 50 countries generating over $2 Billion in operating income. (2 estimates and then actual results).

  • Spearheaded team of IT, SAP, and Lotus Notes experts in creating and launching Lotus Notes Accrual Database to streamline $300 Million+ accrual process; wrote training manual and facilitated database roll-out for Fortune 500 Company, Utility Holding Company.

  • Coached and motivated 20 DuPont team members, systematically improving communication and performance efforts leading to clean 404 SOX opinion in 8 months.

  • Owned the $415 million internal chargeback process and budget for the Insurance Division.

  • Slashed 2003 corporate charges budget by $54 million. This required a detailed analysis of historical spend and the review of the budget to actual over the previous 3 years.

  • Drove $24 million reduction in the 2002 budget for external consulting fees by restructuring DAG.

  • Reduced monthly reporting process from 4 days to 6 hours by designing automated process.

  • Key member with Enterprise-Wide Sourcing initiative resulted in savings of $150 million per year. 

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