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Financial Planning and Analysis – Reporting, Analysis, Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting:

A Story of Success

  • Budgeting – target setting, bottoms up budget or top down budget. MTD, QTD and YTD budget

  • Planning based on many key factors

  • Financial Reporting – Actuals to Budget

  • Forecasting – Lever/driver based, Rolling Forecast, Models, root cause analysis, etc.

  • Partner with the senior leadership to communicate results and share recommendations.

  • Analyze operational results to determine cost savings opportunities and revenue growth opportunities.

Business Consultation

Process Improvements & Standard Operating Procedures:

Turning a New Page

  • Review and revise core BAU activities as needed

  • Update, streamline or eliminate unneeded steps or processes that don’t add value

  • Create and use standardized reporting. Always tying back to your general ledger.

  • Ensure that all core procedures are documented and up to date to reflect all changes and revisions that have been identified. Then make sure all procedures are SOX Compliance for all processes in place.

  • Establish if not already in place a cross training plan. Companies need to insulate themselves from being solely dependent on just one person for critical business functions.

  • Establish a business continuation plan if not already in place to enable your business to go on even if your primary location or locations are out of commission for extended periods due to natural disasters or unforeseen circumstances.

Giving a Presentation

Employer Retention

You are only as good as your team

  • How to you attract and retain talent. Create an inclusive and collaborative culture/work environment.

  • Compensation is always an important component but not usually the top one.

  • Offer people a chance to make a difference. Let them create or implement a new process or design a blue print for changing existing BAU activities.

  • Require cross training to make each person more marketable across the company. Position them to lead projects or people going forward because they will have a broader understanding of how thing work.

  • Invest in the development of your people. See what they need and ask them what they want in terms of training and development.

  • Succession planning does not just happen you need to groom future leaders.

  • You can always teach technical skills but people skills are invaluable at all levels.

  • Train people to communicate more effectively. Audience appropriate communication is vitally important. A captivating presentation is always more effective than a matter of fact one.

  • Charismatic speaker peaks interest and engages the audience.

Client Projects: Projects
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