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President Joel R. Forman

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Over the years I have been both an internal employee and a management consultant.  By partnering with senior level managers I have often been in charge of building budgets over the years ranging from $10M to $2B. This has included both bottoms up and top down budgets.  In addition, I have partnered with management teams and C level executives across multiple organizations creating, updating and revising key documents and processes for them. This includes: revised Delegation of Authority, Standard Operating Procedures, SOX Compliance and monitoring activities, process improvements, IPO and business continuation and ownership change transition activities. As a result, I have accumulated a unique collection of knowledge and experience.  I have work at more than 20 different companies/clients and for several different consulting companies as well. 

In addition, I have been involved in and am very passionate about talent development and retention. I have worked in a Learning and Leadership Development organization in a financial role but was privy to all employee development and training programs. I have worked at 3 different clients over the years that were considering an IPO, Sale or relocation of their operations. I played a key role in each and even led some key aspects for these company’s activities through ownership transitions and relocation. I saw first-hand the pressure on the employees and the management teams in these situations.  As a result, I have seen several different approaches and methods used through transitions, talent retention, employee development, cross training, employee surveys, feedback approaches, etc. I have much to share.

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