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Financial Blueprint

My mission is to educate people so that they can manage their personal finances with confidence for life!

Calling all High School and College Students, Young people ages 15-24, Their parents, and other adults seeking this type of financial knowledge.

8 Topics Covered:

  1. Personal Budget: Expenses vs. Income and Planning for Big Purchases

  2. Basic Savings Methods: Pay Yourself First and Cash is King

  3. Basic Investment Methods: Stocks and Other Types of Investments

  4. Retirement Planning: 401K, IRA – Individual Retirement Account, Roth IRA and Real Estate

  5.  Building Your Credit: Credit Score Ranges, What the Numbers Mean to You, and Why Having Strong Credit is so Important

  6. Primary Loan Types: Mortgages, Equity Loans and Lines of Credit, Car Loans, Personal Loans, and School Loans

  7. Life Insurance: Fundamentals of Life Insurance, Whole Life and Term Life and Why it is Important to Put Life Insurance in Place When You are Young

  8. Planning for Children's College: 529 Plans, DRIPS – Dividend Reinvestment Plans, Stocks, and Other

Years ago, I was at a crossroads with my fiancé.   I had the choice to either choose A - Go back to college to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or choice B Continuing the pursuit of my own business. With the goal of positioning myself to take great care of my family financially in the future, I chose “choice A”. As a result, I went back to college and took 49 credits in 12 months. This was the motivation for the Blueprint. It will instill the financial habits that will turn you from a financial novice to financially knowledgeable. 

My blueprint provides you with financial knowledge that is an essential skillset to have to make you financially independent. 

Financial Blueprint: About

4 Separate Charities That Will Benefit From Each Sale:

 Fisher House Foundation

 Supporting our Veterans


National Alliance on Mental Illness


Foundation for Alcoholism Research


Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Financial Blueprint: Services
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