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Client feedback: Clients
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Wendy Bannon

Joel has worked for RGP over the years in various consulting roles specific to accounting and finance. He has always been a dedicated and dependable employee. Very nice, easy to work with, flexible and adaptable. There were a few instances when our clients regarded Joel and his abilities so much, they requested to consider him for temp to perm FTE positions. Joel will look for the best way to perform the work assigned, wanting to be creative, a partner to his supervisor and a team player with his peers.

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Mark Schauwecker, MBA

I brought Joel on board to support the development of the FP&A function. Joel was instrumental in managing a very manual budget process through completion and approval. For the following season, Joel was heavily involved in the implementation of the Prophix planning system that automated the planning cycle and created a consistent and fast approach to forecasting. Joel has great business partnering skills with both peers as well as management. He is adaptable to a variety of financial and analytical projects. He is a welcome addition to a finance team! 

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Bharath Nemali CPA, FRM

Joel has been reporting to me and supporting my team as a consultant since November 2009. He has been a very valuable asset to our FP&A team. Joel has been performing in a consolidation role preparing the budget to actual and quarterly core earnings analyses for total company results made up of over eight regions. This is high profile critical position within our group and he has done a very good job in the role. He quickly developed successful relationships with his co-workers and key stakeholders. Our department is very dynamic with changes that need to be done quick turnaround and I have been continually impressed Joel’s positive attitude and willingness to be flexible. He has also played an integral role in partnering to improve some of our key reporting processes. In addition, Joel has demonstrated a high level of professionalism and sensitivity towards his client co-workers recognizing the uncertainty surrounding the pending acquisition of our company. Joel has a versatile background that is enabling us to redeploy him over to our expense management group starting July 2010, filling a void created by some internal staffing moves. We look forward to having Joel continue to be a successful and important player in our broader finance organization. I would highly recommend him to any organization interested in added to their talent base.

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Joy Lockhart

Chief Audit Executive
January 14, 2009, Joy worked with Joel but at different companies

Joel provided project and people management for a team of contractors working for my group during SOX implementation. His strengths include excellent organizational and time-management skills, sensitivity to guiding people through change management and an astute ability to identify the needs of his "customers" and adapt to varied systems and corporate culture on an abbreviated learning curve.

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Rose Burke

Representing The Siegfried Group, Joel provided consulting services as a manager for me at PHI Service Company. Joel demonstrated commitment and a positive attitude for a technology process improvement project that had tight deadlines. With his attention to detail, he modified[J1]  the process and database during the development and testing phase. He kept the staff focused and motivated and the project on track. In addition, he developed the training program that was rolled out across the company.


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Nick Chavis

I worked in coordination with Joel while we were both working on a co-source project for a multi-billion dollar energy. My role was the internal control coordinator and he was fill the AP Manager position. The client had a significant issue related to their accruals process and Joel was assigned to lead the initiative to redesign the process. He did an excellent job in leading this initiative which resulted in implement a more efficient and effective accruals process. It was a pleasure working with Joel and I would recommend him to any organization

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